We are lawyers trained and seasoned in large, established law firms.  We bring that experience to bear on every matter we take.  As a boutique law firm, we strive to deliver the highest quality legal services without the overhead and cost of larger firms.  We deliver value with competitive hourly rates and a flexible billing structure, which includes alternatives to the billable hour.

We understand that in many cases the value of our services are better measured without reference to the hours we spend, but instead on the results we deliver to our clients.  Unlike larger firms, we are not dependent upon the billable hour to satisfy our own overhead. We maintain a lean structure and work efficiently.  We are also confident in our ability to deliver results. For these reasons, we regularly share risk with clients by engaging in alternative billing arrangements.

While we do handle cases on hourly rates and contingency fees, we often handle matters on flat fee and blended fee arrangements. These options seek to spread the risk and benefit more equally between attorney and client. In a flat fee situation, we will quote a flat fee for an entire matter for specific tasks. A flat fee provides cost certainty – the client knows the cost and can budget accordingly.

A blended fee agreement combines a reduced hourly or flat fee arrangement with a contingency component. The client enjoys lower out of pocket legal expenses during the litigation, but relinquishes some of the case’s return in exchange for our carrying some of the risk of litigation. Many of our business litigation clients find that they enjoy a competitive advantage against an opponent who retains high-priced hourly counsel because they are better able to withstand the costs of litigation.


SMC successfully recovered monies owed to a mid-size European software company under a contract it had with a large international bank. Within eighteen months after filing suit, the case settled after we developed evidence damaging to our opponent. Our client was able to recover nearly all of the money it was owed and was able to withstand the financial burden of prosecuting the case against a larger, better-funded adversary.

SMC regularly prosecutes and defends actions involving non-compete, non-solicitation and trade secret agreements.  We offer clients the option of bringing or defending the action on a flat-fee basis so that they can intelligently assess their litigation expenditure in the context of their overall business.

SMC regularly offers flat fees in our transactional practice, thereby delivering cost-certainty and savings to our clients.